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ECE Graduate Courses

Important: Some courses might have changed prefix from EEL to EEE. If you cannot find an EEL course please search for EEE instead.

1. Graduate Seminar

All the graduate students need to enroll in the Graduate Seminar, EEL 6932 (0 credit hours), every semester. The Graduate Student Orientation of the ECE Department takes place during the first graduate seminar of each semester.

2. Core courses

All the graduate students need to take at least 2 out of the following courses:

  1. EEL 5173: Signal and system analysis
  2. EEE 5317: Power electronics
  3. EEL 5764: Computer architecture
  4. EEE 6353: Semiconductor device theory

3. Math-equivalent courses (only for M.S. students)

M.S. students need to take at least 3 credit hours of a course in advanced mathematics, typically a 5000 level course or above. The following courses can be used as math electives:

  1. EEL 5025: Computational Electrical Engineering
  2. EEE 5542: Random Processes
  3. Departmental approved substitutes from another department (usually a 5000 or 6000 level course from the Department of Mathematics).

Please note that if you plan to take a department approved substitute you need to contact the Graduate Director to obtain permission from the Department.

4. Elective courses

All the graduate students need to discuss with their adviser about the area in which they want to specialize. Once they decide for an area, the students need to take at least 2 elective courses from that area. Below is the list of areas and electives in each area that the Department currently offers. Each course accounts for 3 credit hours.

1 - Computer Engineering

  • EEL 5667-Robot Kinematics
  • EEL 5722-Digital signal processing with FPGA
  • EEL 5930-Embedded microelectronic system design
  • EEL 5930-Introduction to computer networks
  • EEL 5930-Mobile application design
  • EEL 5930-Network performance modeling
  • EEL 5930-Image processing
  • EEL 5930-Wireless Networks

2 - Energy and Electronic Materials

  • EEL 5285-Renewable energy I
  • EEL 5285L-Renewable energy II
  • EEL 5426-RF/MW Circuits I
  • EEL 5427-RF/MW Circuits II
  • EEL 5452-Modeling and simulation
  • EEL 5486-Advanced electromagnetics
  • EEL 5930-Photovoltaics
  • EEL 5930-Introductory energy storage
  • EEL 5930-Li batteries I
  • EEL 5930-Li batteries II

3 - Power

  • EEL 5247-Power conversion and control
  • EEL 5270-Power system transients
  • EEL 5285-Renewable energy I
  • EEL 5285L-Renewable energy II
  • EEL 5288-Integration of Distributed Generation
  • EEE 5317-Power electronics
  • EEL 5486-Advanced electromagnetics
  • EEL 5930-Advanced Electrical Machines and Drive Systems
  • EEL 5930-Computational methods in power systems
  • EEL 5930-Design of Rotating Electrical Machinery
  • EEL 5930-Electromechanical Dynamics
  • EEL 5288-Integration of distribution generation

4 - Systems, Control, and Communication

  • EEL 5667-Robot Kinematics
  • EEL 5930-Speech processing
  • EEL 5930-Error control coding
  • EEL 5590-Advance topics in communication
  • EEL 5930-Computational intelligence
  • EEL 5930-Image processing
  • EEL 5542-Random processes
  • EEL 6502-Digital signal processing

Other courses: