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Engineering LLC at Florida State University

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Engineering LLC at FSU – Accepting the Challenge!


WHAT: The Engineering Living-Learning Community (LLC) at Florida State University is designed to strengthen students’ first year of college while fostering a sense of community. Engineering LLC participants learn the skills necessary to become effective engineering students. This program will provide engineering students with a solid foundation to successfully complete an engineering degree. If you’re attending FAMU, check out the Engineering LLC at FAMU.


WHO: The Engineering LLC at FSU is for FSU students who have an interest in pursuing careers in biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, industrial and mechanical engineering.


BENEFITS: Connect with like-minded students and faculty as soon as you arrive at FSU and get the foundation you need to excel in engineering. Research at FSU and nationwide has shown that higher percentages of LLC students remain in college and graduate in four years than those of their non-LLC classmates.

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Surviving STEM Weed-Out Classes Linked To Students’ Frame Of Mind, Social Connections, Study SuggestsThe New York Times (11/16, Chawla) reports college students who excel in introductory “weed-out classes” can usually “proceed with completing a major on the topic if they wish. But there’s evidence that weed-out classes disproportionately hinder underrepresented groups including women as well as Black, Native American and Hispanic people from pursuing STEM degrees.” A study (11/1) published this month in the journal Science Advances “adds to evidence that whether or not students can endure weed-out classes has less to do with innate ability and more to do with their frame of mind and social connections with their classmates when starting a rigorous new course of study.” Researchers found that “a simple psychological exercise improved the chances of all students taking a second semester class, regardless of race or gender.”

The Engineering LLC at FSU is set to launch in Fall 2021.

The program will focus on engaging future engineers in the challenges that engineers face today. As a student in the Engineering LLC at FSU, you will be immersed in the initial challenge of mastering your pre-engineering course requirements as well as engaging with the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges.

The Engineering LLC at FSU will set you up to succeed as an engineering student in any of the five FAMU-FSU Engineering departments:  

  • Take pre-engineering courses with other Engineering LLC students 
  • Take the one-credit First-Year Engineering Lab (FYEL) course in the fall at the e-school building as a group cohort along with FAMU pre-engineering students 
  • Take the new 300-level engineering general education course that counts as a writing and social sciences requirement for graduation, “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Global Grand Challenges of Engineering.”

These course requirements will put you on the pathway to success as a FAMU-FSU Engineering student. You will also have the opportunity to consider becoming a part of the: 

And others…. 

At a Glance

FSU Magnolia Hall

Location: Magnolia Hall on the FSU campus (Students must submit a Fall-Spring housing contract before the system will let you apply.)

Theme: Accepting the challenge of engineering and engaging with the global grand challenges that engineers face 

Number of students: 30-38 per cohort/year

Features include: Math and science courses with other LLC members, events and courses that help students complete pre-engineering requirements and the requirements for the National Association of Engineering Grand Challenges Scholars Program and the FSU Global Citizenship Certificate, leadership and employment opportunities after the Engineering LLC year.  

Eligible Majors: Pre-engineering majors or students intending to major in engineering preferred 

Are you right for the LLC?

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How do we create a vibrant community of 30-38 engaged first-year students who will succeed as engineers?

We encourage any first-year college student who wants to pursue an engineering major to apply! The Engineering LLC will aim to create a diverse cohort of incoming students each year who are passionate about engineering and care about solving big challenges. 

To achieve this, ideal candidates for the Engineering LLC at FSU are individuals who: 

  • Plan to pursue an engineering major (those interested in pursuing a major in engineering should become familiar with the pre-engineering requirements)
  • Are self-motivated
  • Are interested in understanding/working to solve grand challenges

How To Apply

Deadline: April 5 (priority consideration)

To explore other LLCs and learn how to apply, visit the FSU LLC page.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know that I am accepted into the Engineering LLC at FSU?

If you apply by April 5, you will log back into the LLC application between April 21-24 to learn whether you are invited to join the community. If invited on April 21, you must accept by April 24 or forfeit your invitation. 

What if I was selected as an alternate? 

Students initially selected as alternates and those who apply after April 5 will check their updated status each Wednesday. Invitations appearing on Wednesday must be accepted by Saturday of the same week or forfeited. Please be patient; not all alternates and late applicants will eventually receive an LLC invitation, but many will.

If my child is selected for the LLC program, do they have to reside in Magnolia Hall at FSU?

Have additional questions not covered here?
Contact Kassie Ernst, Ph.D., First-Year Engineering Faculty and Engineering LLC at FSU Faculty Director.