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Wright Finney Retires

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Mr. Wright C. Finney joined the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering in 1992 as an Associate in Research.  He earned a BS in Biological Sciences (1975) with minors in chemistry and mathematics from FSU and an MS in Marine Ecology and Systematic Zoology (1978) with specialization in statistics working with Professor Larry Abele (later Provost Abele) at FSU.  After completing his MS degree he worked with Professor Robert Davis in the Aerosol Physics Research Group at the FSU Department of Physics where he contributed to the development of electron beam and pulsed corona technology for to remove sulfur and nitrogen oxides as well as particulate matter from coal fired power plants for air pollution control under several grants with the U.S. Department of Energy.  He managed the research group for Professor Davis and worked closely with graduate and undergraduate students as well as with several famous Japanese visiting professors (O. Tokunaga, Masayuki Sato, Akira Mizuno) while also conducting his own research.  This work led to many important publications that contributed significantly to the field or air pollution control and that are widely cited in the field.

Wright FInney

Wright C. Finney

With this extensive experience in chemistry, biology, and physics he played an immediate role in the early days of our departmental development by working closely with the Department Chair and several faculty members.  He assisted faculty in research including helping with the design and construction of experimental devices, graduate and undergraduate student laboratory supervision, and laboratory safety.  From the early days of his involvement with the Department he played a vital role in assisting the Department Chair in all activities including development of curriculum and implementation of academic regulations.  During his career in the Department there are almost no activities of importance that he did not contribute to significantly.  I cannot list them all here, but of key significance are his contributions to accreditation.  Through many cycles of internal and external reviews for accreditation, quality enhancement, and others, his close attention to detail and his extensive knowledge of the curriculum and program were critical to the successful outcomes.

He also was very involved in student advising and mentoring.  He always went out of his well to help graduate and undergraduate students in research and academics, and even personally helping visitors and foreign graduate students.  He was awarded the FSU Seminole Award for his dedication to the program.  In recognition for service outside of the universities he was awarded the Stephen C. Smith Memorial Award from the America Cancer Society.  He was the advisor to the Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers for most of his years in the Department where he helped generations of students obtain funds for travel to the conferences by organizing fund raising events and he worked with many the students on professional preparation.

I would like to personally, and on behalf of the entire department faculty and staff, thank him for his many years of dedicated service to the Department.   He was always willing to go the extra mile, paying very close attention to detail, and he always had the best interest of the Department in mind. His service with 5 different department chairs over these many years has made an enormous impact on the quality of the program which we have been able to achieve.

Mr. Finney will work part-time for the Department starting in January focusing on ABET and SACS accreditation and self-assessment processes and he will continue to help with the new BME undergraduate degree implementation. 

Please join us in offering congratulations to Mr. Finney on his retirement and for his outstanding service to our department.