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Student teams shine at 2021 Engineering Senior Design Day

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Engineering Senior Design Day 2021 was a virtual showcase of the engineering skills and talent in FAMU-FSU Engineering’s senior class. Two teams received top honors as Best Overall and Best Abstract awardees, out of the 86 engineering design teams made up of Florida A&M and Florida State university students.

This year’s winners are:

Team 312

Team 312: Delivery Robot (Best Overall Project)Aria Delmar, Jackson DiGiovanna, Joaquim Feit, Anthony Ging, Christian Greeff and Kierra Howard


Team 309

Team 309: Sprinter Optimization (Best Original Abstract)Malique Akbar, Gentry Darkins, Kowe Kadoma and Gabrielle Nelson

The annual event, held virtually this year due to pandemic restrictions, is a marquee event for the joint college. Discipline-specific and multidisciplinary engineering teams tackle challenges with research, collaboration and prototype solutions. Most students take Senior Design over the course of two semesters at the end of their engineering curriculum, with the “capstone project” being a culmination of their academic studies and practical skills. Industry experts, professional engineers and college alumni serve as judges for the corporate-sponsored projects during the day-long Engineering Senior Design Day event each spring.


2021 Individual Session Winners, chosen by session judges, are:

Session 1 – 505: Robotic Pole Inspection Collar
Mathew Crespo, John Flournoy, Angelo Mainolfi and Carey Tarkinson

Session 2 – 515: Reusable Shock Absorber for the Next Lunar Landing
Joshua Blank, Matthew Fowler, Tristan Jenkins, Alexander Noll and Melanie Porter

Session 3 – 403: Improving Infusion Chair Usage
Emily-Grace Alfaro, Mareshah Proby and Veronica Sanchez

Session 4 – 312: Delivery Robot
Aria Delmar, Jackson DiGiovanna, Joaquim Feit, Anthony Ging, Christian Greeff and Kierra Howard

Session 6 – 521: Sprinter Data
Dylan Cedeno, Marc Griffiths, Jordan Noyes, Handy A. Pierre and Edwin Ulysse

Session 7 – 307: SDR Scope – A Narrow Band “Oscilloscope” for High Power Tuning of NMR Probes
Jonathan Burt, Gabriel De Leon, Emil Lobachev, Asher Rich and Kyle York

Session 8 – 108: Chemical Engineering Design Project: Modular Distributed Ammonia Synthesis
Hunter Hayes, Tanner Rhymes and Hannah Roberts

Session 9 – 517: Lunar Landing Payload Crane
Alanna Black, Jayson Dickinson, Christina Morrow and Ryker Mullinix

Session 10 – 512: Low-Cost HOTAS Design for Pilot Training Devices
Robert Blount, Connor Chuppe, Robert Craig and Patrick Dixon

Session 11 – 506: Material Handling Robot
Taylor Harvey, Diandra Reyes, Peter Watson, Alexander Wozny and Nicholas Norwood

Session 12 – 211: SR 97 Over Little Pine Barren Creek Bridge Replacement
Tasha Acosta, Melissa Molina, Griffin Reilly and Andrew Zubowicz

Session 13 – 215: Zillah Pedestrian and Street Safety (PASS) Project
Jenna Cutrone, Javar Pascoe, Jarad Patsch and Thuraia Sargeant

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