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Ryan Robertson

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Ryan Robertson graduated in spring 2019 with a degree in chemical engineering and specific interest in petroleum processing. As a new engineer, he is determined to use his momentum and skills to make a difference in the petroleum engineering industry. As an engineer at Shell, he’s on his way to that goal.

Ryan Robertson

Robertson gained an affinity for the field from classes and projects during his senior year, including one where he designed a small crude-to-gasoline oil refinery.

In the phenol/acetone unit at Shell’s Deer Park refinery and chemical plant in Houston, Robertson works on long-term projects to increase process efficiency. His job as associate processing engineer will prepare him to become an operational support engineer, where he will focus on day-to-day procedures and safety operations throughout the refinery.

Robertson said his experience at FAMU-FSU Engineering has given him an advantage over many of the newer employees.

“Petroleum engineering is often overlooked as a career path for chemical engineers,” Robertson said. “Because of my time at FAMU-FSU Engineering, I was well-prepared for the transition into the field after getting my bachelor’s degree.”