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CAPS researcher honored with ASNE Solberg Award

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Dr. Michael “Mischa” Steurer
Dr. Michael “Mischa” Steurer

Michael “Mischa” Steurer, Ph.D. received the prestigious Solberg Award from the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) for his contributions to naval engineering. The award presentation was held at the ASNE Technology, Ships and Systems symposium in Washington, D.C. held in June 2019. Steurer is an electrical and computer engineering faculty member at FAMU-FSU Engineering.

Michael Steurer

The PHIL system Steurer developed allows power equipment to be tested to see how it responds to issues such as power surge or overload in a controlled environment. This model led CAPS to become the first university test site accredited by the U.S. Navy to perform high-powered simulations as the center develops next-generation shipboard power technology.