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ME PhD Residency Requirement

Florida A&M

There is no PhD residency requirement for Florida A&M graduate students.

Florida State

The intent of the residency requirement is to ensure that doctoral students contribute to and benefit from the complete spectrum of educational, professional, and enrichment opportunities provided on the campus of a comprehensive university. When establishing residency the student should interact with faculty and peers by regularly attending courses, conferences, or seminars, and utilize the library and laboratory facilities provided for graduate education.

Your Doctoral Residency period begins once you have completed 30 credit hours of graduate coursework at FSU OR if you were admitted to the doctoral program with a MS degree. During your residency period you must be enrolled on the main campus for a minimum of 24 credit hours during any consecutive 12-month period.

The Coordinator of Graduate Studies will prepare your doctoral residency schedule. It will be included in your admission to candidacy letter after you pass the preliminary exam. It is your responsibility to follow your schedule. You will not be permitted to graduate if the requirement has not been satisfied.