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Who to Contact

College Computing Services, Response Center

For remote learning information, general computing support, software licensing questions, help with Canvas, Zoom, and other related tools

 (850) 410-6446 or submit an incident request: http://ops.eng.famu.fsu.edu (requires Engineering ID/password)

Gary Eggebraaten – Director, College Computing Services – geggebra@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Office of the Dean

Main number – (850) 410-6161 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Janine Welch – Assistant Dean, Administration – jwelch@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Chance Brown – Director of Finance – cbrown@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Beth McGee – Human resources – emcghee@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Donald Hollett – Facilities Manager – hollett@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Taylor Bane – Accounting, purchasing – tbane@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Monica Brown – Executive Assistant to the Dean – cbrown@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Shannon Lollie – Campus Service Assistant – slollie@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Office of the Associate Dean for Student Services and Undergraduate Affairs

Main email – studentsupport@eng.famu.fsu.edu (checked by Student Services team M-F, 8am-5pm)

Main number – (850) 410-6423 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Frederika Manciagli – All student academic related issues – manciagl@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Alicia Morey – Course drops/withdrawals, term withdrawals, major changes – amorey@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Hillary Campbell – FSU Mapping, FSU major changes, FSU transfer student admissions, FSU excess credit – hdcampbell@eng.famu.fsu.edu

William Leparulo – FSU Pre-Engineering student advising – leparulo@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Sheila Martin – FAMU Pre-Engineering student advising (last name A-J) – sheila.martin@famu.edu

Teresa Berger – FAMU Pre-Engineering student advising (last name K-Z) – teresa.berger@famu.edu

Gerald McGill – Office manager, FAMU transfer student admissions – gmcgill@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Vashti Tolliver – Office assistant

Kayla McLaughlin – Prospective students and recruitment – klmclaughlin@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Dr. Subashini Iyer – Grade appeals, grievances, and curriculum – siyer@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Dr. Charmane Caldwell – Director of Student Access, retention programs, FAMU Engineering LLC – caldwell@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Dr. Kassie Ernst – Director of Pre-Engineering; Teaching Faculty – kernst@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Dr. Melodee Moore – Teaching Faculty, First Year Engineering Lab – mmoore@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Dr. Stephanie Burrs – Teaching Faculty, First Year Engineering Lab – sburrs@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Dr. Michelle Rambo-Roddenberry – Associate Dean for Student Services and Undergraduate Affairs – mroddenberry@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Main number – (850) 410-6437 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Dr. Mark Weatherspoon – Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs – mweathers@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Duo Liu – Human Resources Manager for Faculty Affairs ­– dliu@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Office of the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies

Main number – (850) 410-6619 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Dr. Farrukh Alvi – Associate Dean – alvi@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Tiffany Pelletier – Office manager, purchasing, travel, budgets – tpelletier@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Deborah Gautier – Director – dgautier@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Kari Aime – FSU admissions – kaime@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Mindy Abate – Manuscripts, graduation & FAMU enrollment – mabate@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Mark Dobek – Contracts & grants – mdobek@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Sara Simpson – FAMU grants – ssimpson@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Rick Wagner – FSU proposals – rwagner@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Travis Shedrick – CREST/RISE – tshedrick@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Chemical and Biomedical Engineering department

Main number – (850) 410-6151 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Kimber Spann – Undergraduate student support – kspann@eng.famu.fsu.edu

David Amwake – Graduate student support, human resources – damwake@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Gena Thomas – Purchasing, travel – gthomas2@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Michelle Claycomb – Accounting, budget – mclaycomb@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Civil and Environmental Engineering department

Main number – (850) 410-6136 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Tom Trimble – Undergraduate student support – trimble@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Daynah Blake – Graduate student support – daynah@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Mable Johnson – Human resources, departmental faculty affairs, travel, purchasing – mjohnson5@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Yuqi Cheng – Accounting, budget – ycheng@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Electrical and Computer Engineering department

Main number – (850) 410-6456 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

La Verne Thomas – Human resources – lathomas@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Shanna Rich – Undergraduate student support – ece_advisor@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Melissa Jackson – Graduate student support – jacksonmd@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Annarene Wineglass – Accounting, purchasing, travel – awineglass@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering department

Main number – (850) 410-6345 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Okenwa Okoli, Ph.D., CEng, Csci - Chair - okoli@eng.famu.fsu.edu 

Jennifer Davis - Administrative Assistant - jdavis@eng.famu.fsu.edu

John Taylor - Undergraduate Advising (Program Coordinator) - jotaylor@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Changchun (Chad) Zeng, Ph.D. - Director of Graduate Studies - zeng@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Frank Allen - Research Information Coordinator - fallen@eng.fam.fsu.edu 

Zhiyong (Richard) Liang, Ph.D. - Director HPMI - liang@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Stephanie Salters - Program Coordinator - salters@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Brandice Koonce - Office Manager - Human Resource - bkoonce@fsu.edu -6345


Mechanical Engineering department

Main number – (850) 410-6333 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Andrea Heinis Stanley – Undergraduate student support – stanley@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Andrea Heinis Stanley – Prospective undergraduate student support, general information – stanley@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Prof.  Simone Hruda – Prospective undergraduate student support, faculty coordinator – peterson@eng.famu.fsu.edu 

Breda Arnell – Graduate admissions and administration – barnell@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Breda Arnell – Prospective graduate students, general information – barnell@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Prof. William Oates – Prospective graduate students, faculty coordinator – woates@eng.famu.fsu.edu 

Jon Cloos – General information assistance, human resources – mechanical@eng.famu.fsu.edu

Neil Coker – Travel, purchasing – ncoker@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Engineering Library

Main number – (850) 410-6401 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Eddie Powell – Library Service Desk Supervisor, resource access, research assistance epowell@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Career Services

Main number – (850) 645-0446 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Antonio Hundley (FAMU) – Career Specialist – antonio.hundley@famu.edu

Jean Shortley (FSU) – Assistant Director, Employer Relations – jshortley@fsu.edu 


Machine Shop

Main number – (850) 410-6113 (voicemail will be checked frequently M-F, 8am-5pm)

Jeremy Phillips – Machine Shop Manager – jsphillips@eng.famu.fsu.edu


Mental Help

Mental health matters! As Lisa Olivera said, “Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should or need to do it alone.” Engineering students struggling with depression, anxiety, troubling thoughts or just feeling overwhelmed have free and convenient resources to help. Visit https://eng.famu.fsu.edu/students/mental-help for more information.