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Graduating mechanical engineering students commercialize their senior design project

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Four of the seven InNOLEvation Challenge finalists were engineering teams. One of those four, PowerTrak, finished third with an award of $5K.

PowerTrak, Brad Bone and Fiona Robertson

PowerTrak earned third place at InNOLEvation Challenge. (left-right) Susan Fiorito, Brad Bone, Wendy Plant, Fiona Robertson, and Zach Davis.

The idea behind PowerTrak is to develop a power training wristband device that measures heart rate, power output, and velocity. Unlike any device on the market, PowerTrak measures the power of the user’s workouts, combined with heart rate monitoring to achieve optimal fat burn and strength training. As their slogan claims, their PowerTrak device is about developing elite athletes.

Fiona Robertson, graduating senior in mechanical engineering, remarked, "Brad Bone and I took Professor Michael Devine's Technology Entrepreneurship class in fall 2016, where we learned about innovation in engineering, intellectual property, business model canvas, and other entrepreneurship business topics. Simultaneously, we started our senior design project with two other students, Kendall Parker and Manny Cabrera. With the project idea from Professor Devine, Engineering’s Entrepreneur in Residence, and sponsorship from the College, Brad and I worked on the commercialization plan for the business in our Entrepreneurship class, and on the design and testing of our prototype device with our senior design team."

The InNOLEvation® Challenge has a business MODEL focus in which the idea for the business is customer-tested to enhance the odds of success, versus a business PLAN competition, where assumptions are made, perhaps flawed, and the business is established based on those assumptions.

The competition takes place over two semesters. Students submit parts of their business model leading up to the finals. As the year ended, many student teams were involved in several innovation competitions and like PowerTrak, will officially form their own companies.

PowerTrak joins six other student design teams in competing for cash prizes at the Engineering Shark Tank Competition, Thursday, April 13 at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering from 2-4pm.

"PowerTrak LLC includes myself, Brad Bone, Manny Cabrera, and Professor Mike Devine," said Robertson. "We plan to continue building this business after graduation."

Check out the senior design team website for more info about PowerTrak - A Power Training Measurement Device.