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FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Students Work with State and FEMA

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Engineering students working with FEMA
(L to R): Civil/environmental engineering students Driss Ziane, Taylor Thompson, Brandon Guzman, Crisol Ortiz-Socas, and Joseph Meyer in Tallahassee, Florida February 22, 2019


Students at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering will work with the State of Florida and FEMA specialists on projects involved in the recovery of the Panhandle from Hurricane Michael. Students with majors in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, as well other specialties, will help with the development of a damage assessment report and two recovery advisories produced by the FEMA Mitigation Assessment Team. The advisories will address rebuilding decisions in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, as well as any future flooding or high wind events. The guidance can help homeowners, designers, building owners, local officials, architects, engineers and contractors.  

“The College of Engineering is a wonderful source of expertise for the recovery operation,” said FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer Thomas J. McCool. “We are hiring local residents in the Panhandle to join the recovery effort and we are excited about tapping into the engineering expertise at the college.”

“We are very glad that our talented students will help in recovery and preparation for future hurricane impacts in the Panhandle region,” said Dean of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering J. Murray Gibson. “Not only will they be able to use their engineering knowledge to address urgent challenges, but many of them also have homes in hurricane-prone regions and can give back to their communities. We are delighted that FEMA and the State of Florida are giving our students this opportunity.”  

Students from FAMU-FSU Engineering's civil and environmental department participating include Driss Ziane, Taylor Thompson, Brandon Guzman, Crisol Ortiz-Socas, and Joseph Meyer.

FEMA’s Integrated Recovery Coordination team and Hazard Mitigation Program are working with state officials and college administrators to identify potential projects for the students.  

Hurricane Michael Recovery Resources Portal

The Recovery Resources Portal provides online access to information that can help local governments, nonprofit organizations, the private sector and the philanthropic community in Florida locate resources for recovery from the storm.   The philanthropic portal is a tool that IRC is using to help connect community organizations with potential resources, including grants and technical assistance in the areas of housing, economic, natural and cultural resources and other aspects of community recovery.   The portal can be accessed here.  

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