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ME Thesis Committee Formation

Each thesis committee must consist of at least three individuals:

  1. Student's major professor
  2. A Mechanical Engineering faculty member in the student's major area
  3. A Mechanical Engineering faculty member from outside the student's major area

All three primary committee members must be tenure-track faculty, with Graduate Faculty Status (GFS), holding the rank of Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor.

Research scholars/scientists, adjunct professors and faculty from outside the university MAY NOT serve as primary members of your thesis committee. However, they may serve as additional members with the approval of the Department Chair and the Graduate Faculty. No committee member may serve more than one role on the committee.

Committee Forms

Non-University Committee Members

Non-University faculty may serve on your thesis committee but they must have a courtesy appointment with the university prior to serving on the committee. To complete the courtesy appointment the prospective committee member must submit the following items to the Department:

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae
  2. Copy of their Social Security Card
  3. Employment Application (FAMU | FSU)

Once the courtesy appointment has been approved the Department will request Co-Masters Directive Status (CMDS) for the prospective committee member. The approval process involves several different university offices (Dean's Office, Graduate Studies, Dean of Faculties, etc.) and can take up to 3-4 weeks to process so please plan accordingly.