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Sustainable Energy Degree Requirements

All students must take the following minimum distribution of courses for a total of 30 credit hours:

Core Courses
Fifteen (15) semester hours:

  • EML 5060 - Analysis in Mechanical Engineering I (3)
  • CHM 5153 - Engineering Electrochemistry (3) or an approved equivalent course
  • EML 5451 - Energy Conversion Systems for Sustainability (3)
  • EML 5452 - Sustainable Power Generation (3)
  • EML 5930 - Sustainable Energy Utilization (3)

Nine (9) semester hours: Select three graduate-level, letter-graded courses in engineering, mathematics, and/or any science discipline (e.g. computer science, physics, etc.). One of the three courses may include EML 5905 - Directed Individual Study or EML 5910 - Supervised Research. Courses must be selected in consultation with the student's major professor.

Graduate Seminar
EML 5935 – Mechanical Engineering Seminar (0).

Six (6) semester hours: EML 5971 - Thesis. University rules require that students take thesis credit in their final term, even if they have completed the thesis credit requirement for their degree program.

Thesis Defense
EML 8976 - Masters Thesis Defense must be taken in the student's final semester.