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ME BS-PhD Program Degree Requirements

The BS-PhD program requires sixty (60) credit hours of coursework, of which at least twenty-four (24) credit hours must be dissertation hours. The remaining thirty-six (36) letter-graded credit hours are divided into four areas:

Core Courses
Nine (9) semester hours: EML 5060 Analysis in Mechanical Engineering I, two core courses in the student's major area:

Dynamics and Controls

  • EGM 5444 - Advanced Dynamics
  • EML 5317 - Advanced Control Systems
  • EML 5361 - Multivariable Control
  • EML 5930 - Adaptive Controls

Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

  • EGM 5152 - Heat Transfer
  • EML 5155 - Convective Heat Transfer
  • EML 5709 - Fluid Mechanics
  • EML 5930 - Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics

Solid Mechanics and Materials Science

  • EGM 5611 - Continuum Mechanics
  • EGM 5653 - Theory of Elasticity
  • EML 5930 - Advanced Materials
  • EML 5930 - Solid Mechanics and Electromagnetics of Continuous Media

General Engineering and Mathematics
Six (6) semester hours: EML 5930 – Analysis in Mechanical Engineering II (3) and one additional course from the approved course list.

Mechanical Engineering Courses
Six (6) semester hours: any two courses in Mechanical Engineering.

Fifteen (15) semester hours: Select five (5) graduate-level, letter-graded courses in engineering, mathematics, and/or any science discipline (e.g. computer science, physics, etc.).

Graduate Seminar
EML 5935 – Mechanical Engineering Seminar (0). See Graduate Seminar section for additional information.

Preliminary Exam
EML 8968 - Preliminary Examination (0). See Preliminary Exam section for additional information.

Twenty-four (24) semester hours: EML 6980 – Dissertation (1-12). University rules require that students take thesis credit in their final term, even if they have completed the thesis credit requirement for their degree program.

Dissertation Defense
EML 8985 - Dissertation Defense (0) must be taken in the student's final semester.