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Mobile Anechoic Test Chamber

Bryce Lankford, Nicholas Ajhar and Marissa Jackson

Danfoss Turbocor needs a way to measure the noise levels of their TT series compressors. Therefore, we engineered a test procedure and test stand that would integrate with the current manufacturing surroundings to accomplish Danfoss Turbocor’s needs.

The selected procedure measures sound pressure and converts the data to sound power. People are most familiar with sound pressure because pressure waves created by sounds and noises in the environment are heard via the ear drum. Sound power measurements accommodate for the environment the measurement is collected in, and are not dependent on the distance from the sound source. Therefore, sound power will allow Danfoss Turbocor to effectively communicate the compressor’s noise levels to potential customers.

Danfoss Turbocor has an established testing facility, so the team needed to integrate the testing equipment into fixed infrastructure without disrupting the current production flow. Our design includes an array of microphones arching over the test stand to measure the compressor’s sound pressure. The array is on a sliding track to allow movement to different positions, which allows for production flow and flexible recording positions. Once the microphone array is used to measure the sound pressure, the a computer program we developed converts sound pressure to sound power and creates a report Danfoss Turbocor.

Team Members (L to R):
Bryce Lankford, Nicholas Ajhar and Marissa Jackson
Eric Hellstrom, Ph.D.
Danfoss Turbocor