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Drone Disabling Device

Quentin Lewis (ECE), Taylor Stamm (ECE), Ryan Cziko (ME), Trevor Stade (ME) and Dylan Macaulay (ME)

About 10 million drones were sold around the world in 2018. Drones equipped with cameras or weapons pose a threat to restricted areas such as prisons and to populated areas and government buildings. Northrop Grumman sponsored our team to develop a product to detect and disable unauthorized drones and secure an airspace. The target consumer of this device is law enforcement and security teams, so they can disable drones in restricted areas. 

The device consists of an automatic detection system, a weighted net launcher and a backpack to house equipment. The system uses cameras to automatically detect drones and alerts users of a potential hazard. These cameras distinguish between drones and other objects using a trained program to prevent false alerts. Cameras mounted above the pack provide a 360-degree view of the area around the user. 

A net launched using high-pressure air neutralizes and potentially captures hostile drones. This rifle-sized launcher is portable. The backpack includes air tanks and computer systems stored inside, where air hoses connect the backpack to the launcher. Positioning the air tanks and other components in the pack allows the user to carry necessary components in one place and is comfortable to wear. The device has an expected assembly time of five minutes. If a drone comes within 30 feet of the user, the detection system will alert of the approaching danger. The overall system is safe for the user and environment and complies with legal regulations.

Team Members (L to R):
Quentin Lewis (ECE), Taylor Stamm (ECE), Ryan Cziko (ME), Trevor Stade (ME) and Dylan Macaulay (ME)
Jonathan Clark, Ph.D.
Northrop Grumman