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Objectives of Sustainable Energy and Aeronautical Engineering Program

Program Objectives

  • Recruit a diverse group of U.S. and Brazilian students/faculty to participate in the collaborative program both in person and in virtual settings.
  • Provide streamlined language, cultural, educational and professional activities to prepare students for international exchange program.
  • Develop a common engineering curriculum, mentored internships, international collaborative design projects and research collaborations.
  • Integrate with current and future international programs to develop into a self-sustaining, long-term engagement between all partner schools after the conclusion of the project.

We expect to involve 16 US students annually (8 from FSU and 8 from Pitt) in the program. Among these, at least half will directly participate in one or two semesters of the exchange program in Brazil. The rest of the FSU students will take part in either the language training and/or international senior capstone projects. Some Pitt students will participate in their summer study abroad program. We expect at least 8 Brazilian students to participate in the exchange program each year, while many others will be involved in international design projects.

Student Recruitment and Selection

The program advertisement and recruitment will begin at all schools immediately after the award of the program. Each program will promote the exchange program through the Internet, program brochures and meetings with potential student groups. At FSU, the targeted students will be juniors who are ready to take the senior capstone design project course in the following school year. At Pitt, students who participate annually in the Plus3 program and its two-week study trip are all potential candidates. Targeted groups at Pitt are generally first term sophomores or juniors.

Proposed Activity Schedule