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RAZOR Lecture: Environmentally-Friendly Production of Nitrogen Fertilizer

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 @ 6:30 PM

Event Location:
Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee, 200 South Duval Street, Tallahassee FL 32301

"Environmentally-Friendly Production of Nitrogen Fertilizer"

Presenter: Bruce Locke, Ph.D. - Acting Chair, Professor & Distinguished Research Professor of chemical and biomedical engineering at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering

To meet projected future demand for food, mankind must increase food production. Agriculture’s environmental impact is already creating major local, regional and global problems. This lecture introduces new, environmentally-friendly methods to make nitrogen fertilizer from air, water and electricity using plasma technology that can be implemented by farmers and gardeners.

Dr. Bruce R. Locke is a professor and chair in the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering and previous interim dean at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. Dr. Locke was an associate provost at Florida State University. Dr. Locke received a B.E. from Vanderbilt University, an M.S. from the University of Houston, and a PhD from North Carolina State University. Among other accoldaes, Dr. Locke is an FSU Distinguished University Research Professor.


About the RAZOR Series: The Challenger Learning Center RAZOR Lecture Series is designed to provide an intellectual, engaging experience for the local community. Lectures are presented by scholars, researchers and experts in various science fields. In line with the Challenger Learning Center’s mission to foster long-term interest in STEM fields, the series will provide an illuminating look at cutting edge research. Lectures are free to the public, with a recommended donation of $5 per seat. Donations benefit the Challenger Learning Center's educational mission. Lectures are hosted in the CLC planetarium theatre. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the lecture begins at 7:00 pm. Lectures, including Q&A, typically last one hour. 

For more information, visit challengertlh.com.

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