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ECE EEL 4911C - Senior Design Project I

Curriculum Designation: Required for electrical engineering and computer engineering majors.

Course Description: Senior students are exposed to concepts in design, project management, engineering team organization, and professionalism. Students are grouped into design teams where these principles are put into practice in organizing, proposing, and developing an engineering project. Periodic written reports and oral presentations and a final written proposal are required. The lecture material and texts provide instructions on project management, ethics, and design skills.

Prerequisites: For EE Majors: EEL 3111, EEL 3112, EEL 3705, EEL 3300, EEL 3135 and at least 3 out of the following 4 required EE courses: EEL 3472, EEL 4515, EEL 4021, EEL 4746. For CpE Majors: EEL 3111, EEL 3112, EEL 3705, EEL 3300, EEL 4746, EEL 4710, and COP 3530 (FAMU) or COP 4530 (FSU).

Textbooks/Required Material:

  • Salt and Rothery, Design for Electrical and Computer Engineers, John Wiley, 2002.
  • Kenny, A Handbook of Public Speaking for Scientists & Engineers, Institute of Physics Publishing, 2005

Course Objectives:

  1. Identify engineering problems using a needs assessment.
  2. Estimate the costs of a project and prepare a proposed budget.
  3. Prepare a project schedule.
  4. Develop effective oral presentations and written documentation.
  5. Utilize available resources to engage in life-long learning.
  6. Recognize the impact of engineering solutions on society.
  7. Develop an understanding of the professional and ethical responsibility

Topics Covered:

  1. The System Design Process
  2. Requirements Analysis
  3. Project Management
  4. Team Dynamics
  5. Effective Oral and Written Presentations
  6. Preparing for life-long learning
  7. Professional and Ethical Responsibility

Class Schedule: One 50 minute lecture per week and laboratory hours (3 credit hours).

Contribution to Professional Component: Engineering topic: 3 credit hours

Science/Design (%): 10% / 90%

Relationship to ABET Program Outcomes: F, G, O (CpE) and O (EE)

Prepared by: Bruce A. Harvey