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ECE EEL 3135 - Signal and Linear System Analysis

Curriculum Designation: Required for electrical engineering and computer engineering majors.

Course (Catalog) Description: Classification and representation of signals and systems; Laplace transform; Z-transform; convolution; state variable techniques; stability and feedback.

Prerequisites: MAP 2302

Corequisites:EEL3112; MAS3105

Textbooks/Required Material: Signals & Systems, Author: Oppenheim, Publisher: PH, Edition: 2ND, Copyright Year: 1997

Course Objectives: After completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  1. Identify signals in terms of periodicity, energy or power, and continuous-time or discrete-time.
  2. Identify systems in terms of linearity, time invariance, stability, and causality.
  3. Plot a simulation diagram for a given differential equation.
  4. Calculate Fourier series of a periodic signal.
  5. Calculate the Fourier transform of an energy signal.
  6. Derive the output of a linear time-invariant (LTI) continuous-time system using Fourier representation of the input and the transfer function of the system.
  7. Calculate the Laplace transform of a given function and calculate the inverse Laplace transform through partial fraction expansion.
  8. Plot a simulation diagram for a given difference equation.
  9. Calculate the Z-transform of a given sequence and calculate the inverse Z-transform through partial fraction expansion.

Topics Covered:

  1. Continuous-Time System
  2. Fourier Series
  3. Fourier Transform
  4. Laplace Transform
  5. Discrete-Time Systems
  6. Z-Transform

Class Schedule: Three 50 minute or two 75 minute lectures per week (3 credit hours).

Contribution to Professional Component: Engineering topic: 3 credit hour

Science/Design (%): 90% / 10%

Relationship to ABET Student Outcomes: A

Prepared by: Bruce A. Harvey

Revised: September 19, 2016