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ECE EEL 3112 - Advanced Circuits with Computers

Curriculum Designation: Required for electrical engineering and computer engineering majors.

Course (Catalog) Description: Sinusoidal steady-state power analysis; three-phase circuits; operational amplifier; transient and forced response; frequency response; two-port networks; circuit analysis with computers.

Prerequisite: EEL 3111

Corequisite: MAP 2302

Textbooks/Required Material: BASIC ENGINEERING CIRCUIT ANALYSIS, Author: IRWIN, Publisher: WILEY, Edition: 11th

Course Objectives:

  1. Calculate the average power absorbed by an element in an AC circuit.
  2. Identify the relationships between the phase voltages, line voltages, the phase currents, and the line currents of a three-phase circuit.
  3. Calculate average power absorbed by a balanced three-phase load.
  4. Derive the transient response of a first-order circuit and of a second-order circuit.
  5. To plot the transient response of an RLC circuit with a SPICE-based program.
  6. Identify the characteristics of an ideal transformer.
  7. Introduce the characteristics of a two-port network using two-port parameters.
  8. Derive the transfer function of a RLC circuit.
  9. Construct the Bode plots for a given transfer function.
  10. To plot the frequency response of an RLC circuit with a SPICE-based program.

Topics Covered:

  1. Review of AC Steady-state Circuit Analysis
  2. Steady-state Power Analysis
  3. Transient and Forced Response of RL, RC and RLC Circuits
  4. 3-phase AC Circuits with introduction to Transformers
  5. Frequency Response of Linear Circuits
  6. Circuit simulation using computers (PSPICE or Matlab)
  7. Introduction to Two-Port Networks
  8. Op-Amps (optional)

Class Schedule: Three 50 minute or two 75 minute lectures per week (3 credit hours).

Contribution to Professional Component: Engineering topics: 3 credit hours

Science/Design (%): 85% / 15%

Relationship to ABET Student Outcomes: H

Prepared by: Bruce A. Harvey

Revised: September 20, 2016