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The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering follows guidance from our two partner universities for issues related to safety, health and administration. Here are the official—and most credible—places to find the latest information on how the COVID-19 event will affect our college.

Resources for learning online during COVID-19

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Update 7-16-20

Remote or In-person?

FAMU students,

As you probably know, we announced that our class schedules for Fall would be completed by today, particularly the course delivery methods. Course information has been updated in iRattler.

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FSU students,

As you probably know, course registration opens again today for Fall semester. It will remain open for all FSU students until Friday, August 7, at 11:59 pm EDT.

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Update 6-11-20

Fall course plans for FAMU-FSU Engineering

We made it through Spring semester, and Summer is well underway. Like all other colleges at FAMU and FSU, we are working on plans for Fall, figuring out which classes will be remote and which will be face-to-face (F2F). The general rule is that classes will be taught remotely, except for classes that are deemed F2F-essential.

Note that we are in the process of making changes in the course registration systems. Please do not panic if you see changes made to courses that you are registered for, such as "TBA" or a different room number. For courses taught at the college, we still plan to offer the courses that were previously scheduled. We will let you know when our course plans have been finalized, along with an explanation on how to interpret whether a course will be held remotely or face-to-face. We hope to be significantly done with our plans within a couple weeks. Planning is requiring close collaboration with university officials and facilities, as well as approval at the state level.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Update 5-6-20

Big Interview and Mock Interviews - Career Services

Schedule a mock interview and to practice your interviewing skills; and a free training system that features a new and innovative way to help you prepare.

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Update 4-23-20

FSU UG engineering students will have until 11:00 a.m. on May 5th to select S/U vs letter grades for undergraduate engineering courses

The deadline for FSU UG students to change the grading type for their FSU undergraduate engineering courses is extended to 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 5.  (The deadline for non-engineering courses is not being extended.)

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Update 4-1-20

Procedures for Late Drop/Withdrawal Requests - Deadline Extended to April 24th

The deadline for course late drop/withdrawal has been extended to Friday, April 24th. College of Engineering staff in the Office of the Associate Dean for Student Services and Undergraduate Affairs will be available to help you if you have any questions regarding the course drop/withdrawal procedures or any other questions you may have regarding your academics. Below are instructions on how to process your course late drop/withdrawal request.

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Update 3-30-20

S/U Grading Policy for Spring 2020 Semster

This S/U policy is in effect for Spring 2020 semester only. It provides clarification on how the FAMU and FSU university S/U grading policies affect engineering courses, and therefore engineering students who are enrolled in them.

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Update 3-24-20

Free Internet for Students

Several companies are offering free or reduced-cost services to students and their families as a response to accessibility issues stemming from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Comcast and Charter-Spectrum provide internet service in the Tallahassee area and they have announced they are offering their services at a reduced cost or at no cost to qualifying students.

As detailed on its website, Comcast's new Internet Essentials customers may receive two free months of internet service for $9.95 per month and qualifying households must apply by Thursday, April 30. Comcast has also increased its internet service—at no additional cost—for all Internet Essentials customers. More information is available by clicking here.

Last week, Charter-Spectrum also announced it will offer free broadband and WIFI services to students in households currently without services. Free broadband and wifi access will be available for 60 days and Charter-Spectrum will waive the installation fees for households with students in kindergarten through college. Those interested may call 1-844-488-8395 for more information.

Please continue to practice health and safety precautions to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus


Update 3-20-20

Building Access for Undergraduates

Following federal, state, and university recommendations, we are taking precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by locking both the A & B Engineering buildings starting at 7pm tonight (3/20). With the move to remote instruction, the Engineering buildings will not be accessible to undergraduates and the general public until further notice, even during “normal” business hours. The college will continue operations via phone, email, and remote instruction.

Most of our Engineering software that is available in the computer lab is also available through MyFSUVLab.  To access VLab, go to https://myfsuvlab.its.fsu.edu/ and log in with your FSU credentials. Once logged in, just click on the application you wish to use.

If you have any questions about VLab use, contact CCS at (850) 410-6446, or via an Incident request at http://ops.eng.famu.fsu.edu, or by email at CCS_Request@eng.famu.fsu.edu. (Note: If you are a FAMU student and have not obtained FSU credentials, please contact CCS for help.)

We all look forward to the doors being reopened and seeing you again in person.


Engineering Advising

Your advisors are ready to help!  They will be reaching out to you via email. Here’s their contact info for quick reference.


FSU Mapping Coordinator

  • Hillary Campbell – FSU mapping, FSU major changes, FSU transfer student admissions, FSU excess credit

Departmental advising for FAMU & FSU students in their major


Update 3-11-20

This afternoon, both universities announced they will shift to online and other non-face-to-face instructional methods immediately after Spring Break (i.e., March 23 – April 3) or until further notice. We anticipate coming back to campus on April 6 but be sure to check this page and the links above before returning to campus after this 2-week period.