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Research that inspires

Research, innovation and graduate recruitment continues its upward trajectory—these notable gains position our program to be one of the leading doctoral institutions training a highly skilled and highly diverse workforce that will help engineer a better future.

The immersion of our graduate students in the study of challenging problems, both fundamental and applied, is a critical part of an engineering graduate education.

The relationship is highly symbiotic—stimulating research problems attract curious and motivated students who help discover solutions and produce insights that benefit society. And our undergraduates gain research experience and mentoring from engineering faculty at the cutting edge of their profession.

$2.2 Million

SERDP (DOD-EPA-DOE) grant for a pioneering comprehensive and highly interdisciplinary study to understand wildfire dynamics and reduce its risks by engineering prescribed fires based on plume dynamics, smoke dispersion and quantifiable risk of ember-ignited spot fires.

45.5 T mini-mag

FAMU-FSU Engineering researchers at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory developed a small, novel magnet that became the “world’s strongest magnetic field” producing 45.5 Tesla using a newer compound called REBCO (rare earth barium copper oxide).

$3.3 Million

from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop innovations in power electronics, piezoelectric actuators and new insulation materials to make highly efficient, high-power DC circuit breakers feasible.

Unique collaboration of a top HBCU and an R-1 university

The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering is the joint engineering institution for Florida A&M and Florida State universities, the only such shared college in the nation. We are located less than three miles from each campus. After satisfying prerequisites at their home university, students learn and research together at the central engineering campus with its eight adjacent, associated research centers and a national laboratory.

This unique collaboration between a top Historically Black University and a Tier-1 research institution make the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering a place to hone cutting-edge engineering skills. Our researchers and graduate students benefit from the rich intellectual heritage of both universities. They also enjoy access to both nationally recognized institutions’ assets and capabilities to enrich their work.

The college’s racial, ethnic and gender diversity exemplifies the future engineering and high-tech workforce to a degree not found at most other engineering schools. Employers value our graduates for not only their engineering skill set, but also the soft skills that make them better employees to work in culturally diverse, modern teams.