William S. Oates

Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Aeropropulsion, Mechatronics and Energy Center
Florida A&M / Florida State University
2003 Levy Ave.
Tallahassee, FL 32310, USA

Curriculum Vita

Tel : + 1 850 645 0139
Fax: + 1 850 410 6337
Email: woates@fsu.edu

Graduate Students Post Doctorate Researchers Past Graduate Students

Paul Miles (PhD)
Sadiyah Sabah Chowdhury (MS)
Wei Gao (PhD)
Peter Woerner (PhD)
Jakob Consoliver (MS)
Brandon Robers (BS-MS)

Jonghoon Bin (former)
Somayeh Mashayekhi (former)
Anjan Das

Undergraduate Students
Catherine Kent

Harman Bal (MS, 2015)
Justin Collins (MS, 2015)
Matt Worden (MS, 2014)
Michael Hays (PhD, 2013)
Liang Cheng (PhD, 2013)
Sree Kanuri (MS, 2013)
Joseph Chason (MS, 2013)
Hongbo Wang (PhD, 2012)
Emiliano Pantner (MS, 2012)
Erica Cosmutto (MS, 2012)
Jeff Morton (MS, 2011)
Josh Hogue (MS, 2010)
Fei Liu (MS, Fall 2008)


Job opportunities:

Opportunities for students seeking a PhD in the area of theoretical, computational, and experimental solid mechanics.  Research experience will include utilization of facilities at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.  Please contact me for further details.