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Steel Connections Sculpture

Steel Connections, A Teaching Guide Steel Sculpture, was donated to the College's Civil Engineering Department by the Cives Steel Company of Thomasville, Georgia. The sculpture was first conceived by Prof. Duane Ellifritt of the University of Florida to give students in the introductory steel design course an opportunity to visualize connections between steel members. Connections play a very critical role in the behavior of any structural system. The "Steel Connections" sculpture brings real life steel structure connection close to the classroom.

The effectiveness of the teaching sculpture developed by Dr. Ellifrit was recognized by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), and they have been helping other Universities to acquire the sculpture. Cives Steel Company, Southern Division, of Thomasville, Georgia, fabricated the sculpture, and its acquisition was coordinated by Dr. Primus V. Mtenga of the Civil Engineering Department.

The sculpture was installed at the entrance from the Connector Road to the Phase II parking lot. The foundation and site installation was funded as part of the Phase II Building construction.