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Seven mechanical engineering undergrads shine at 2nd Annual Donor Recognition & Scholarship Awards Ceremony

2nd Annual Donor Recognition & Scholarship Awards recipients, 2016-2017.

When you major in mechanical engineering, you’re immersing yourself in a field so broad there’s no telling where you’ll end up. Robotics, renewable energy, aerodynamics, materials science, manufacturing, and so much more. With so much to learn, the major is no doubt intense, and a little assistance along the way is always welcome. The Annual Donor Recognition and Scholarship Awards placed the spotlight on some of Engineering’s most hard working undergrads during the 2016-17 ceremony and congratulations go out to seven scholarship recipients from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.

Our scholarship recipients are David Balbuena, Torey Jobe, Aude-Eureka Monde, Hannah Rodgers, Raine Sagramsingh, Nicolas Salazar, and Justin Wawrzyniak. Their reasons for entering the mechanical engineering major are as varied as the major itself, yet they all have one thing in common: passion for the field. Catching up with four of the seven recipients, Hannah Rodgers, winner of the Sharon R. Hames Scholarship comments, “I was inspired to study mechanical engineering because of my fascination in space exploration and the technology that allows humans to do those remarkable things. I wanted to be a part of that.”

Torey Jobe, who earned a Byron G. & Mildred Spangler Scholarship, pursued mechanical engineering because of his father’s collection of vehicles, and consequently the automotive industry called his name. Let’s not forget the importance of alternative energy in our ever-expanding world. Alternative energy, a cutting-edge sub-field of mechanical engineering, interested Nicolas Salazar who was the recipient of the Hayden Endowed Scholarship.

The scope of a major in mechanical engineering ranges from aerospace rocket flights to devising sustainable plans for harnessing solar energy. However flashy the area of study this major is grounded in good old-fashioned mathematics. David Balbuena, who earned the John Bates Engineering Excellence Scholarship, studies both Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. On earning a scholarship, he advises hopeful awardees, “Find what you like to do, and immerse yourself in it. Don’t spread yourself too thin.”

“My advice would be, do not be afraid to apply for any scholarships, because you never know what the outcome may be,” Torey Jobe adds. “Scholarships are your friends; you may not get every single one you apply to but anything is possible.”

While Torey aspires to a career in the automotive industry, fellow scholarship recipient Nicolas plans to continue his path in the alternative energy field.  Hannah hopes to pursue a master’s degree, and David will pursue his PhD. All four students express a feeling of appreciation for donor support toward the pursuit of their studies. As diverse as their interests in mechanical engineering are, these scholarships will allow seven engineering undergrads infinite career opportunities.