Osborne Reynolds Flow Visualization

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This web site would take you through the senior design project of team #1 the Osborne Reynolds Flow design group. 


To design an Osborne Reynolds flow visualization apparatus to be used in a class room environment to demonstrate the three main flow regimes: laminar, turbulent and transitional.

Client Statement

This project will furnish a bench-top unit that demonstrates laminar, transitional, and turbulent flow in a pipe using visualization technique similar to the classic experiments of Osborne Reynolds.  The unit will be used for classroom demonstrations for beginning (or aspiring!) engineers.  Hence, it must be safe, rugged, self-contained, and portable.  The unit must be constructed of readily available parts (e.g., from a hardware store) and cost less than $200.


Special thanks to Mr. Crisler for his involvement with the group and his help to finish the project not forgetting all the suggestion from: Dr. Loren B. Schreiber, Dr. Ravi Chela, Dr. Pedro Arce  Dept. of Chemical Engineering and  Dr. Caesar Luongo Dept. of Mechanical Engineering..

Engineering Design Systems I/II  

EML 4451/4552


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