About Us

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, I want to welcome you to our web site. Since the program was established in 1983 (with only one full time faculty member), we have been working vigorously to increase the size and improve the quality of our educational and research programs. We are proud of the fact that the Department has grown to the current size of 19 full time faculty members. Their diverse backgrounds and internationally recognized research and educational expertise encompass all major fields in Mechanical Engineering.

The Mechanical Engineering undergraduate curriculum is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge in basic engineering science and design, and to build a solid foundation for professional careers in engineering. In 1997 we undertook an initiative to shift emphasis from a topics-based curriculum to an integrated curriculum that introduces engineering design earlier in the course of study and integrates it throughout the curriculum. This new curriculum also offers a year-long senior "capstone" course focused on design and product realization for real-world projects supplied by various industries. Our new curriculum produces students who graduate with a better appreciation of the interrelationships among sub-disciplines, improved written and oral communication skills, and stronger teamwork capabilities.

The graduate program offers several options for pursuing both the MS and PhD degrees and is detailed on our Graduate web page. Our graduate student enrollment is typically in the range of 70 to 80 full-time students, more than half of whom are pursuing Ph.D. degrees.

The quality of our graduate program is of course closely linked to our research. The research program emphasizes both basic research, which expands the frontiers of knowledge, and applied research, which is designed to solve the present and projected technological needs of society. Major research activities are focused in four primary areas: Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Structural Mechanics, Material Science and Engineering, and Control and Robotics. Most of the research is conducted as part of a national, state, or university research center. These centers are listed on our Home page and described in greater detail on our Research page.

I hope that you will enjoy visiting our web site. Feel free to share your views and comments with us. Your feedback helps us to continuously assess and improve our program. Thank you.

Emmanuel Collins
John H. Seely Professor and Chair