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Graduate Admissions

Apply NowWe offer both the Master of Science (MS) and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering. Masters students also have the option to major in Sustainable Energy. Additionally, the Department is a member of the Interdisciplinary Program in Materials Science through which students may earn a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering or a MS in Materials Science and Engineering.

Giving to the Department

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Instructional Course Media (Open ME)

Open ME contains instructional course media in the form of videos, presentations, slides, classroom notes, etc. The media can be searched according to course name, topic, and tags.


The department is actively involved in basic and applied research designed to solve both present and future technological needs of society. The major research activities are focused in four primary areas: dynamic systems and controls (including mechatronics and robotics), fluid mechanics and heat transfer, materials science, and sustainable energy systems. State-of-the-art research laboratories are associated with each of these areas. In addition, significant research is conducted in cooperation with the following:

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