Graduate Degree Programs

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering offers programs leading to the Master of Science (MS) degree, and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Electrical Engineering. The MS program is designed to provide advanced course work and experience in independent problem solving with a moderate degree of both breadth and specialization. The master's thesis and its defense provide for independent in-depth study of a current electrical engineering topic to demonstrate how professionals make major contributions to the electrical engineering field.

The PhD program is intended to provide students with an independent mastery of a significant portion of the field of electrical engineering. The PhD program prepares students for a career in industry, research, and/or teaching. Successful candidates must demonstrate, through original research, and a substantial contribution to their field of specialty.

Areas of specialization in these programs generally coincide with the research interests of the faculty members. Current specialization areas supported include computer engineering, electromagnetics, communications, digital signal processing, controls, robotics, renewable energy, energy conversion and storage, power systems, power electronics, and microelectronic engineering.

Student handbooks:

The 2016-2017 ECE Graduate Student Handbook (latest version)

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Handbook (Guidelines and Regulations)

The FSU Graduate Student Handbook

Old student handbooks:

The 2015-2016 ECE Graduate Student Handbook

The 2014-2015 ECE Graduate Student Handbook

The 2013-2014 ECE Graduate Student Handbook

The FSU Graduate Student Handbook