Hoyong Chung
Assistant Professor
(850) 410-6350


  • Postdoctoral scholar, Chemistry (Robert H. Grubbs), Caltech, 2011-2014
  • Ph.D. Chemistry (Newell R. Washburn), Carnegie Mellon University, 2007-2011


Hoyong Chung starts his independent career as an assistant professor at Florida State University, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Department in 2014 fall. He has been a postdoctoral scholar in Prof. Robert H. Grubbs' group at the Caltech since 2011. Before arriving at Caltech, Hoyong completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). His research experience includes the synthesis and appropriate characterization of bio-inspired medical adhesives, medically applied temperature sensitive polymers to remove ophthalmological impurities, targeted microbubbles for kidney stone fragmentation, Ru-based olefin metathesis polymerization catalysts and chemical modification to lignin-based biopolymers. His combined research experience is highly interdisciplinary including aspects of mechanical engineering, clinical medical practice, material science and biomedical engineering. Although his initial background is in polymer synthesis, he proactively developed various practical engineering skills to optimize the performance of new polymeric materials. His capability as a practical interdisciplinary polymer chemist was proved by multiple patents and peer-reviewed journal publications. He has also mentored four students while at Caltech and CMU. He plans to continue his research to develop new multifunctional polymers relevant to human health and sustainability.

Research Interests

  • Bio-inspired polymers
  • Smart materials
  • Catalysts for polymers


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles:

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